Retractable Stereo Aux Cable 3.5mm

This cable has a 3.5mm stereo connector on each end and is used to make a connection from your MP3 player to the auxiliary-input (AUX port) on your car stereo. The Retractable Stereo Aux Cable can also be used to connect your portable music player to a home sound-system.
The ZipKord Retractable Stereo Aux Cable works with:
  • Kindle
  • Kindle 2
  • iPhone and iPad
  • MP3 Players
  • Any portable device using a 3.5mm jack

Features the durable ZipKord Retractor that extends from 3 to 32 inches for tangle-free use.

To unwind
Grab the cable on both sides of the retractor and pull at the same time - do not pull one side only. Pull out enough cable for easy movement. The cable will lock into position.

To retract
Grab the cable on both sides and pull out to release the lock. Guide the cord back towards the center. The cable will retract automatically.

Stereo Aux Cable Connector Detail

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  • Model: 3503535

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